Establishing A Prenuptial Agreement In Ann Arbor

If you’re preparing for a wedding or recently got married: congratulations! The love that brings two people together is always a cause for great joy. But marriage also inevitably comes with certain kinds of stress, and a big part of that stress comes from the challenges of merging two independent financial lives into one.

Whether or not you are worried today about how marriage can affect your financial decision-making, sooner or later you and your spouse will run into a situation that you can’t easily agree on. For that reason, it can be very handy to establish a prenuptial agreement at the start of your marriage so that you and your spouse can talk openly about your plans and your needs and avoid unnecessary conflict later in your life together.

Drafting A Prenup With An Experienced Ann Arbor Lawyer

As your attorney, I can help you and your spouse navigate the sensitive discussions required to lay out your plans for your future together, and form a plan to fairly divide assets in the event that someday you are considering divorce. Many people find that simply making this kind of plan can help you avoid the arguments that might lead to splitting up. With a thorough prenuptial agreement, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Premarital agreements are an emerging area of Michigan law. I can help you draft a document that is both thorough and consistent with current best practices in the state.

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