Ensuring Contracts Are Drafted Correctly The First Time

Contracts have a huge impact on a company’s long-term fortunes, since minor changes in a contract’s wording can have a big impact over time on your bottom line. As your lawyer, I can help you create formal contracts with employees, partners, landlords, and other relevant parties that reflect the interests of your company.

In the more than 15 years that I have been practicing law, I have worked with small businesses in Ann Arbor and throughout Michigan to help them set the terms of their partnerships, supply chains, distribution chains and employment in ways that help each company thrive.

No matter what industry you operate in, and no matter the size of your company, my experience in Michigan’s business laws allows me to set your business up for success with thoughtful, thorough documentation and agreements.

Reviewing Or Drafting A Contract, Made Simple

At Fessler Law, P.C., I can help you prepare or improve a wide range of business contracts and documents, including:

  • Employee contracts and agreements
  • Noncompete contracts
  • Contracts with independent contractors
  • Partnerships between businesses

I also have significant experience litigating disputes that have arisen over contracts, so I know exactly what issues to address and what language to use in order to avoid common mistakes that cause problems for businesses.

Arrange Your Consultation Today

To discuss your case with a knowledgeable Ann Arbor business law attorney, please call 734-794-3779 or send me a message using the online form. If necessary, I can arrange after-hours or weekend appointments by special request.