Walking You Through Michigan’s Probate Process

It is not easy to sort through legal documents after a loved one’s death. It’s even harder when legal disputes arise. But important legal issues can arise while you are still mourning, and it’s in your interest to address these issues quickly in order to ensure that your loved one’s wishes and your interests are both being respected.

As your lawyer, I can help you navigate the complex paperwork that comes with losing a loved one and sorting through their assets. In some cases, you may also object to some element of the probate process – for instance, the deceased’s personal representative is not carrying out his or her duties as you understand them. In such cases, I can also help you take a more assertive stance to stand up for your rights and those of your family members.

Dealing With Probate Court

If you still have assets in your name after you die (such as your house), those assets go through probate court. Unfortunately, probate is sometimes unavoidable. As an experienced Ann Arbor probate attorney, I can assist you with this cumbersome process. If a relative passes away and the estate has to be probated, I can handle the complex issues involved in administration.

If you are involved in a dispute, I will provide strong representation on your behalf. I have successfully litigated numerous cases in probate court – on behalf of both personal representatives and beneficiaries who had been wronged.

Contact A Probate Administration Attorney

To arrange a consultation with a dedicated lawyer in my Ann Arbor, Michigan, office, please call 734-794-3779 or send me a message online. I am willing to set up after-hours or weekend appointments by special request. Additionally, I accept all major credit cards for your convenience.